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Esperanza Gómez


Esperanza Gómez is a Colombian pornographic actress.

In 2005 she was elected Miss Playboy Columbia.
Since August 2009 she debuted as an actress pornographic on USA on the movie South Beach Cruisin 3, directed by George Stone.
Then worked in production for companies like NaughtyAmerica, BangBros, CubanKings, etc.
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Esperenza Gomez is the hot latina in question she has a third name called Silva, she was born in belalcazar, Caldas Colombia on the 13th of May 1982 meaning she is aged 32 years. Gomez had a vision of becoming a model and she started her model career at the age of seven. Gomez has 5.7 inches height and has 121lbs, she is most loved by her fans because of her 36d implants, and she has a perfectly balanced figure that measure in at 36 d-23-36. Esperenza does not have a tattoo or piercing on her body

Her initial intention was to study agronomy at the university, but she changed to veterinary medicine after she was told that agronomists were improvised, dirty and brutish, she further expressed her disappointment of not being able to study her dream course because she was told that she would have to sacrifice an animal if it got badly injured, she was pissed off and retired because she realized she is one of those who does not know how to kill a fly.

Over the years she kept on her dream and worked hard to achieve her aims. At the age of 16 she was featured in the apparel campaigns for Colombia’s leading fashion brands as a model, Gomez emerged the winner of the show and won Miss Playboy TV award.

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In 2009, four years after she won a model award, Gomez was features in U.S porn debut organized by South Beach Cruising which was directed by Josh Stone and she has seceded in taking the hardcore porn world by storm. Without relenting that same year Esperenza appeared on the cover of the November issue of Colombian-based monthly magazine. When she was interviewed in May 2014 giving her the opportunity to put smiles on the faces of her fans that she said she had always been more interested in filming porn movies than telenovelas.

She also said that she is not the only Colombian that has featured in most US porn movies but she is the most famous while others are pursuing their porn career secretly. Gomez does not give a damn; she loves what she is doing. Ezperenza has successfully taken over the hard core niche and most of the times she found with her lips wrapped around a fat cock during her adult career.
Silva has a boyfriend playboy bunny that is also a rising star in the U.S porn industry, is proud of her who is very happy when she made her debut in South Beach cruising III, the porn star told Colombian radio.
She is very happy to achieve her dream of making a porno flick in the United States. When interviewed in a fifteen minutes radio, she expressed her feelings that she is happy and don’t care if she is going to win an award or not, but she is satisfied with what she really enjoy doing which is simply porn to the core, and she also expressed that she enjoys doing porno more than normal acting and is very happy in Miami where she is based.

Gomez said even though the first film she acted only just came out she is proud to say that she has already acted and recorded scenes for other films that will hit the market and become more popular years to come.

Compared to other porn actress Gomez enjoys doing porn not in the hidden but in front of cameras to entertain her loved ones. Gomez once said I am an extremely sexual woman and really not mix feelings with sex at all. She said whenever she is having sex with her boyfriend she feels love, and feels passion. Here it is more about the send part, the animal part, but she is able to differentiate her feelings.

You can always take your time to check out updates about Gomez online when she will be releasing more ways for you to get entertained with are sexy body in display. Catch fun and don’t forget to relax.

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